HP EX470 – Is CPU upgrade worth?

This question comes to my mind after finished reviewing HP EX470. While more RAM the system has, more memory cache effect it returns—that’s good and gives such a obvious result absolutely. CPU for NAS could give better performance and CPU cache effect, but is CPU in EX470 the bottleneck really?


HP EX470 review - software

HP EX470 reviewBesides hardware which really suits to use as NAS, does Windows Home Server do the job? Windows Home Server (WHS) is based on Windows Server 2003 and added some features like Windows Home Server console, WHS add-on features, remote desktop for client, automatically client backup (up to 10 clients) and storage pool management. It might sound like you might consider using Windows Server 2003/2008 or even any Linux distro instead, but if you think WHS is just Windows Server with some GUI console and backup utility, you’d better read this to the end and reconsider again.


HP MediaSmart Server EX470 review

HP EX470 reviewWindows Home Server might not be well known for regular folks; but for whom they have been looking for NAS or storage server, it’s quite popular. However, If my memory is still good, HP is only one which is interesting and investing in this OS and releasing the final product. (or in everything and make them all real?) However, WHS comes in OEM package up for sale about $99 or so. This review will focus on both hardware and how WHS performs. You will see whether this little server is worth buying or not.


HP EX470 – upgrade!

HP EX470 logo Here is the way to upgrade your server; what you can do without any modification is RAM and CPU. However, it’s a bit picky since you don’t have any console to make sure whether BIOS knows the CPU model or not. Unsurprisingly, this board bundled with AMD Sempron 3400+ single core CPU. It’s just not supported dual-core by default.  Thus only possibility is AMD Athlon 64 which is single core as well. It’s practically the same architecture, but larger cache, faster speed, and more features. Additionally supported RAM is DDR2-800 or PC2-6400. That’s the best you can get for this system—because of on-chip memory controller specification.


NAS selection

Well, after DIY NAS last year couldn't satisfy all my need. Throughput could be easily lifted up by upgrading network to Gigabit network which is cheap nowadays.But there is something that couldn't be fixed. Thus, a new better NAS in both performance and look will be waiting for us to discover pretty soon :-P


Lacie 250GB Ethernet Disk mini

It's such a long time I was looking for an extra storage solution which works flawlessly, doesn't have to avoid data loss from unplugging unintentionally, and has security feature. Now It's all come in NAS - Network Attached Storage.