• Pebble Time - Awesome Smartwatch, Many Compromises

    Pebble Time Arrived. Everyone I knew liked or loved it. Pebble team had done a fantastic job upgrading the original Pebble to this one. I honestly didn’t like the original one at all, but this one? I had many reasons to love it, yet a lot of compromises came with it.

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4 review

    I initially had no intention of writing about this at all since I knew I wouldn’t enough time to justify how it really was. However things had changed after few days tinkering with it drastically. I had Galaxy Note 4 for a bit over a week in total.

  • PocketScan

    PocketScan was like a nifty tool copying any document w/o running to your flattop scanner. While alternatives are using your phone camera to take a photo, then processing via apps like CamScanner and such. For me, I was hoping that PocketScan would give a greater resolution and better contrast. Also it should have solved uneven light on the edge that every photos from camera had. While more expensive alternatives like ScanSnap scanner should be an ideal goal, I could only hope to get a comparable result with Dacuda PocketScan and scanning receipts would not be a boring task anymore.

    Overall Top

  • LG G3 review

    I liked to think that I was one of Nexus fan boys, but since Nexus 7 LTE (2013) didn’t even have an official Lollipop after other’s several Lollipop updates. No more point having Nexuses and I had to move on. After that, I highly put manufacturers’s tweak into top of the buying factors. Something like multi-window app, Pen too from Samsung, all tricks Moto X could do, LG’s unique back button design and so on. These were things I couldn’t get from a plain stock Android.

    On my wishlist, there were Moto X, YotaPhone 2, LG G3, and Sony Xperia Z3 compact. Samsung Galaxy Note wasn’t in the list because of its price tag. I couldn’t spend that much no more after getting iPhone 6 Plus. YotaPhone 2 was expensive as well, but hey it had e-ink on the back. Z3 had nothing special, but battery life was much more than you could deny. In the end, there was a local service provider promotion for 50% off of LG G3 and I couldn’t deny that. I eventually got it around $400 more or less including extra $ from contract.

    LG G3 was the phone I thought it was one of the best of 2014 with buttonless front design reminding me of Sony Clie TH-55 which was the king in Palm OS day. Moreover, G3 was a successor of LG G2 which was among the popular ones in its day. Could LG meet my expectation?

    front back

  • Apple iPhone 6 Plus review

    As everyone knew, it was big and lasted long. No argument that it was one of the best iPhone so far and it was one of the best phones you could buy in 2014.

    I didn’t think iPhone 6 Plus required any review to see whether iPhone was good enough or not. However, you might like to see how it stacked up with others.