• MacBook 2015 impression

    My last main laptop was Macbook Pro 2010 15” Hi-resolution screen. It is still working great although its light-weight & long-lasting battery life then turn to be bulky-heavy and short-lifespan w/o power outlet now. That’s why I need an on-the-go replacement.

    I was debating if I should get Surface thingy or not, but my experiment working on Windows had been failed miserably. So my choice would be getting a machine which I could install Linux with painless drivers or just get a Mac. Since Surface proved not to be that Linux-friendly, I decided to get a Mac.

    There was no other choice but to get newly MacBook although everyone boo’es about its weak performance.

  • OctoFire 8-port USB 3.0 hub

    It’s a powered 8-port USB 3.0 hub w/ enough juice to charge 8 iPads at a time.

  • Xiaomi Mi Band

    This band was the most affordable fitness band from a reliable company. It surely was the first band for most people who weren’t into this much because of its price, ~$15. It was cheap enough to try out a new thing, but was it worth the time?

  • M3D - affordable 3D printer

    I never thought I could print anything in 3D, but as time went by, 3D printer got much cheaper. Why wait? let’s print.

  • G1W-C G1W-H afforable dash camera

    If you are looking for camera for your car, look no further. This is what you like to get.