Radian is a precision motion timelapse device that is wirelessly programmed from your smartphone. Is it good as it sounds?


The initial impression was bad. I couldn’t get it to work. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one. What a bad impression for something that should make our life easier, but hey, it might be better as Alpine labs team ironing out all the kinks.

[Update Apr 19, 2016] After couple months Radian had been collecting dust while I lost all my attention of trials and tons of errors, I tried again with Radian app 3.16.2 (iOS). Updating process was much more visible. There were a progress, including perentage & instruction to reset, throughout the process and it just worked. No pain no more.

I was able to do timelapse on the 1st try. That was a good sign. Looking forward to take Radian2 with me on the next trip to see if I could get anything awesome out of ordinary view. :)


Only 3 months from a promised date. That was good.


$200 for Radian2 + $30 for L-bracket + $25 shipping to Thailand + $60 taxes + handling fee from DHL

It was an expensive one. It also felt much more like a very expensive toy when I couldn’t get it to work on the first try. [Update Apr 19, 2016] It worked and surely gave you a better timelapse (panning) than still timelapse. It was still expensive, but it was worth if you regularly did timelapse.

$280 in their store as of Dec 25, 2015


3 days passed I couldn’t get it to work with both Canon 6D and Fuji X-T10. Also, with a number of phones–iPhone 6+, Galaxy Note 5, and Nexus 7. Let’s see if it didn’t turn out to be a very expensive paperweight.

First week verdict, DON’T waste your time looking at it yet; you’ll surely be regret. :o

Once it worked as it should be, it was a nice toy. Radian2 will give a whole new dimension of taking a photo. It will definitely not make you shoot better though, but it’ll give you an option to make your still photo alive. Panning timelapse is awesome.

If you are into timelapse thing, I think this is a one you would love to try.