Shell was a new product along with Slide Camera Sling and Clutch campaign and shipped a year later than the main product. It was a long wait, but hey, Peak Design was a trust-worthy seller.


It was worth the wait. Shell came with a premium feeling and nicely fit my Canon 6D.

After using it, there were things I disappointed. It wasn’t about its top-notch quality or anything, but it wasn’t designed to frequently take a photo. It was more like a protection cover while hiking, so you didn’t need to put your camera back to the bag while raining. Because Shell covered whole camera, to take a photo I need to almost completely ripped Shell off hanging on the lens. Maybe my hand was too fat to get between Shell and my camera.

However, at the end of the trip on the boat, my lens was pretty much dry while the body was a bit moist since I took photos frequently.

Personally I thought Shell would be perfect for timelapse thing since camera needed to be exposed a long time esp. at night where it might get wet from time to time, but we didn’t need to check that often. Shell was a good protection, but it wasn’t a comfortable cover while taking a photo.


Estimated delivery: May 2015; Actual delivery: Oct 2015. It was a long wait, but worth.


$25 at Kickstarter (pre-order) + free shipping to Thailand (actually included in the main items shipped earlier)


I will update more when I actually use in real life, but I am debating if I should get a small Shell for my Fuji X-T10 or not. Awesome quality.

I decided not to buy one for X-T10; here was why, Shell was perfect when it was used with all other Peak design products. For example, if you didn’t use Capture, Shell was basically awkward to use. Putting in was not that easy in any position, but a camera on capture on shoulder. To use it was another thing, I was hoping for a better cover which allowed me to take a photo in not so perfect condition a bit easier than this. Anyway, it was a nice protection, but just not what I expected.