It’s a desk clock with something extra cool. This was one of the top items on my Kickstarter wish list of 2014.


First of all, I didn’t particularly fond of USB (power) port on the back since it would be in a way if you wanted to have LaMetric on the wall (No mount hole either.) It should have had a USB port inside the container. Although, the material and build quality was nice, the most interesting thing on LaMetric, LEDs, wasn’t that sharp – yeah it’s blurry. IMHO, it had to be some sort of material selection problem while manufacturing. It looked out-of-focus. Not that it was a deal breaker or anything, but I was sure that this cosmetic issue alone might put me off buying on in store where I could see before buy.

Besides drawbacks above, I was satisfied with this thing. Easy peacy setup on both Android & iOS. Putting the LaMetric a bit further away from your eyes, then that blur screen issue was sorta negligible. At this point, there weren’t that many app selections; hopefully, it would get better as time went by. Apps from LaMetric like GMail notifier, Facebook Like count, Stopwatch, Timer, count down worked as expected. Not that many options/tweaks so far.

All information shown here was fetched via 802.11n WiFi. There were times I thought they should just put a temperate sensor (<$2 normally) instead of getting that infomation from elsewhere.

Updated Nov 23, 2015

After updates, it started getting stupidier. WiFi disconnected every now and then. Turning off and on required to get it work again. It was pain in the ass until this issue fixed, I didn’t think I could recommend this no more.

LaMetric app store was getting better, but nothing spectacular. Scroll speed could not be adjusted yet.


Estimated delivery: Jan 2015; Actual delivery: Oct 2015. It was a long wait.


$119 at Kickstarter (Early Birds) + $25 shipping to Thailand

It was expensive, but its uniqueness really shined. If it was $89 or lower, I would have bought 3 of them and put them together. That was how much I liked it so far.


If they could fix the blurry LEDs to have a sharper look as all (rendered) advertising images, I bet this would be a thing people craving for. Until then, it would still be just a niche market for fun :)

Well, I didn’t even critic its software side. IMHO, with what they already had, it was good enough. (although it could be much much better w/ variety of apps.)

[Updated Nov 23, 2015] Since I found the WiFi connection issue, the decision to get rid of Ethernet port came up to my mine. They should have had the port and not to worry about it. So far, it was a nice idea, but implementation still came up short. If you wanted one, hold your horse for more polished one.

[Updated Dec 23, 2015] The recent update solved the WiFi connection issue. New apps arrived. Google Analytics finally came.