My last main laptop was Macbook Pro 2010 15” Hi-resolution screen. It is still working great although its light-weight & long-lasting battery life then turn to be bulky-heavy and short-lifespan w/o power outlet now. That’s why I need an on-the-go replacement.

I was debating if I should get Surface thingy or not, but my experiment working on Windows had been failed miserably. So my choice would be getting a machine which I could install Linux with painless drivers or just get a Mac. Since Surface proved not to be that Linux-friendly, I decided to get a Mac.

There was no other choice but to get newly MacBook although everyone boo’es about its weak performance.

First day, damn. Keyboard tactile is weird. It feel like I’m typing on Surface (tad better) Touch Cover or something. That was how I really felt. Although it wasn’t as bad as Touch Cover, it surely takes time to get yourself up to your normal typing speed.

ForceTouch TrackPad is awesome. I couldn’t praise enough of how splendid it really is. No comparison. It’s off the chart indeed.

For Retina screen, although this is not new thing, but it is NEW to me and it’s surprisingly pleasing to look at. That pleasure ruins my used-to-be-great Dell 30” screen entirely. So far, when I work on my Hackintosh with either 23” or 30” Dell IPS monitor, I could not stop noticing that pixelated low-res text. I’ll be damned if I have to toss them to the trash and get iMac with a comparable performance.

If you think it’s slow, then I would say that it’s not true at all. Maybe I don’t use anything much yet, but while coding, I need to run PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Celery, Radis, Python, Browsers, and Sublime Text as minimum toolkit. I don’t feel any sluggishness comparing to my much more powerful Hackintosh. Surely I don’t run anything as much, but who would?

It’s not cheap, but if you could afford, then it’s worth.

Oh. 1-port to rule them all? I don’t see any advantage of USB-C either. New cable, new adapter, … I only wish this has a MagSafe-like connector since everything else I could go get via network painlessly anyway.