I never thought I could print anything in 3D, but as time went by, 3D printer got much cheaper. Why wait? let’s print.


There were things I wish I knew before I got myself a 3D printer though. 3D printing took A LONG TIME to complete. 2-inch model height might take 2+ hours to get it done. o.O”

On Windows, setup procedure was okay. I never used 3D printer before, but I could figure out how to print this in 30 minutes or so. M3D didn’t provide any efficient tool for spool holder, so anyone suggested to print their own holders. This was one I used, M3D Mounted Spool Holder. It took a little over an hour for each holder.

I’ll get back and complete this since their software is pretty much on Windows at this point. OSX version required Yosemite (10.10) or newer which unfortunately I am still rocking on Mavericks, 10.9.

It was so much pain using Windows from one who hadn’t used that OS in >3 years. Things were out of place really.


According to their plan, my reward was supposed to ship in Feb 2015, but I got in Jun 2015. It wasn’t that bad, but it felt much longer since the campaign ended on Jul 2014. At least they shipped a working printer, I couldn’t complain much.


$249 at Kickstarter (Early Bird Adopter) + $88 shipping to Thailand + 5pk of $12 filament + $30 import tax

Round all things up, I ended up paying $425 for this. If I knew it was this expensive to ship to Thailand, I wouldn’t have bought it at the first place. It was not annouced at the time campaign ended and I learned the lesson not to back anything at all if they couldn’t come up with the exact figure. For those who paid shipping less, that’s their gain. Just not for me.


After several trials and errors, I liked it a lot. Print quality was not great by any means since I had a sample of Form 1 to compare, but with roughly 20% of Form 1 price, I couldn’t complain either.

My verdict would be 3D printer at this time was at the beginning state, price would come down hill quick as competitions went. I would only buy it for less than $400. It was fun to print in 3D, but it needed some efforts to do so too.