As everyone knew, it was big and lasted long. No argument that it was one of the best iPhone so far and it was one of the best phones you could buy in 2014.

I didn’t think iPhone 6 Plus required any review to see whether iPhone was good enough or not. However, you might like to see how it stacked up with others.

It was huge. But I had yet to find one that wanted smaller phones after they had used a big one. I would pick big bulky one over small in both physical dimension and battery life any day; luckily with all goodnesses iPhone 6 Plus had, it was not bulky in any way.

many-side stack

case bottom

back lens



The best thing of every iPhone was iOS undeniably. I wasn’t iOS die hard fan, but I couldn’t say that any other OS was more polished either. With a solid integration of Apple devices including AppleTV, AirPlay, and AirPrint. It was very difficult to beat. Apple was the only company having the most complete circle. You might argue that Android also had Chromecast, miracast and such. Chromecast was great if you were using stock Android, but it was almost useless when you had many top Android phones like Galaxy Note 4 or LG G3. The Integration wasn’t there for every Android’s.

IMHO, iPhone 6 Plus wasn’t a cutting edge technology or anything, but it was a solid all around performer.

Apps on iOS were another huge plus; there were only a few app categories which Android prevailed. Mostly they weren’t for regular users either.


Touch ID was something that once you used it, you couldn’t live without. It was way too convenient to unlock the phone and fill out password in App Store yet still remained safe.

For iPhone 6 Plus, it didn’t matter if you were a heavy user or not, you would not need to carry any power bank along. This phone lasted over a day undoubtedly. It might even last couple days on a single charge if lightly used. If I remember correctly, only once I had lower than 30% battery before going to bed after over a month experience.


I didn’t know if anyone felt the way I did. I always thought of iPhone as a fragile phone. It needed care or a protection. It needed a case while I rarely had any sort of case on other phones. I didn’t know if I could count this as cons or not. Anyway, a real con was its price tag. iPhone was never cheap, but with the money buying this phone you could buy a whole MacBook Air. It sounded expensive as hell.

On software side, I was a bit skeptical about how apps would look in on a bigger screen since iOS didn’t really have that fluid layout like Android apps did and the way iPhone apps displaying iPad wasn’t ideal. What I found was even apps which hadn’t updated to the latest SDK didn’t look that bad at all. I couldn’t distinguish one from the other if stretchy keyboard didn’t showed up. Although I hadn’t seen any app (but Apple’s ones) taking advantage of iPad-like landscape layout, it was safe to assume that major apps would update correspondingly. This was norm for iOS apps anyway.


Buy one if it didn’t break your bank. You would find hard to have any comparable pleasure with other phones.