This was from one of established companies which came to start a new product line and new customers of course. They used to do a portable battery with a indicator; this shouldn’t be hard for them, should they?



Its built was great; screen was nice; it made me believe it was going to last long time. Legion was a plug-and-play sort of thing. Plugging into USB port wherever it is, then your phone cable to the other end. It gave you voltage, current, power, and electricity meter which you could reset. Another feature was a switch to take advantage of fast charging by disable data communications and let your phone drain all current from computer USB port. It worked fine on my 2010 MacBook Pro which switching from 2-3W draw normally to 5-6W draw instantly.

One drawback was a data and charging switch; you couldn’t switch with your finger, probably could if you had nail. Also it was labelled with A and D. I would have guess D standings for data, yet I could not know what A would mean. That wasn’t good at all. Luckily this little gadget was simple enough to guess what things were.


This had no delay whatsoever.


$39 at Kickstarter and $69.99 now at the store which has discount every now and then. It sounded expensive, but if you looked around for what that did the same thing, you would find this price is reasonable. I suggested you wait for discount though.



Legion was totally legit. It worked great anytime you used it. You could buy one without regret.