Thermodo was a cool looking gadget. It would shine over most of gadgets you have on your desk. Anodized aluminum casing with a good looking brand and name, who could deny that? Basically, what it did was reading room temperature and displaying on your phone since very few set of phones had thermal sensor inside.

Cool Looking Green Thermodo

I backed them for an aluminum (or premium) one as they named in their shop. I couldn’t speak for anything else.


On hardware side, as mentioned earlier, everything about it was awesome. I didn’t see any flaw, but some users complained about its cap which should have been screwing type inside of snap lock. I couldn’t say it was a deal breaker. Although its color did wear after usage, it did look great still I had to admit that.

On software side, when they started their project, they only claimed to have iOS app, but Android app was introduced later on. Maybe it was a stretch goal. I didn’t remember much. However, as of now, their Android app was crap. Nothing is good coming out of it no matter how hard you wanted it to be. For iOS app, it did look great as advertised.


It was expensive at $39 Kickstarter price and it is $44.99 which is way too expensive now at Thermodo Shop. Not to mention tax and/or shipping which is outrage as far as their HQ location, Europe, is concerned.


This project was a flop. Temperature sensitivity was way too slow. Temperature accuracy which was the vital point of this gadgat was NOT good enough.

Regardless of its price, don’t waste your $ or time. Not worth it. If it ever works properly, I would have recommended it because of its apperance alone. So unfortunated.

note: I didn’t open it up since I would have to destroy the look, but I bet it would be comparable to a cheap sensor found in DHT11 or so. :( I rather have a cool looking gadget although it didn’t do a thing functionally.