Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook 5000Mouse again!! This one is not from Logitech, but Microsoft. I’ve got this mouse long time ago, but I haven’t had time to write about it yet. For this model, you would be able to get one at the price from $28 to $50.

Microsoft Bluetooth 5000 Microsoft Bluetooth 5000

I’m not so sure if it’s a good thing or bad thing that this is a Bluetooth mouse since I found both advantage and disadvantage of it. The good thing about Bluetooth mouse is you don’t need to carry any USB receiver as the wireless one. You just need to pair your Bluetooth mouse with your computer, and you don’t lose any USB port for mouse. The disadvantage of Bluetooth mouse is that it lacks sometimes: especially the first time you use after turn it off. Bluetooth mouse needs a bit of time to warm  up.

A nice little thing of this mouse as a Microsoft mouse is the clicking sound. When you click the mouse, you’ll hear only a little bit of soft sound which won’t bother you at all. In this case, you won’t disturb anybody else either. Not only the clicking sound is low and soft, but also do you feel very soft touch. Even though a lot of people think it’s hard to press the wheel, this model doesn’t have such problem.

Microsoft Bluetooth 5000

However, the mouse doesn’t have many functions, only non-customized back button. This is enough for my use anyway, but someone might like a more complex mouse. Also Microsoft is kind enough to put side button (backward) which is located is comfortable place for thumb.

Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse 5000 Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse 5000

About battery, this mouse use 2 AAA battery. As I’ve used it for a while, it lasted about 3 months which I thing pretty good. And, there is the light displayed when battery’s almost gone. Thus, you’ll have time to get new battery.

Microsoft Bluetooth 5000 Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse 5000

The last thing I’m going to write about this mouse would be the shape of it. Usually, Microsoft comes up with hand support mice, but not this one. It’s a bit too short for me. I’m not so sure if it’s because it’s a laptop mouse, so Microsoft might wants it to be as small as it can be or what.

Kensington Ci65m, Microsoft Bluetooth 5000 Logitech VX Revolution, Microsoft Bluetooth 5000, VX nano, G5 Logitech VX Revolution, Microsoft Bluetooth 5000, VX nano, G5, Razer

Issue: [added: 2009-06-27] One thing Microsoft mouse is not as good as Logitech one is usable surfaces. All Microsoft mice, except BlueTrack which I haven't tried yet, is working fine with every surfaces, but any glossy surface, even glossy/slipper fabric. While Logitech one will only have a problem on highly glossy surface such as Granite and Marble.