Logitech VX nanoVX Nano seemed to have very positive feedback from most people. That was why I decided to get on my own, but the result was not that pleased. You will see later on how come it ends up like this.

Personally, I would like to have just good solid mouse with at least backward button & 1+ customizable buttons. One acting as “Ctrl” for zooming [hold Ctrl + scroll up/down] and another one acting like middle button (since most Logitech’s and some Microsoft’s real middle button needs too much pressure, but I find razer does quite nice about this) That’s all I want.

Logitech VX nano - package Logitech VX nano - in the box

The box is what we expect from Logitech premium line, but there is nothing interesting about it. Logitech gives the mouse, nano receiver, USB extension cord (or cradle if you would), and a pouch which is nice to have for traveler.


Logitech VX Nano is laptop mouse which is not too big, not too small. It’s about just the right size for most people, of course. Also, ambidextrous design makes this mouse attractive for lefty whom they find difficulty find featureful one, especially from Logitech.

What they all share in term of design, VX & MX series, is Hyper-fast scrolling, material, rubberized grip. However, each of them has some sort of special feature :-P exactly for VX nano, it has to be its nano receiver. Although nano receiver was exclusive by VX nano, Logitech decided to share this unique feature—actually, hyper-fast scrolling wheel too—to its siblings, such as V450 nano (for the receiver) and V550 nano-clip (for both receiver & wheel)

Hyper-fast scrolling wheel

This distinguishes all VX & MX series and Logitech from other manufacturers. What I can tell you is once you use it, you will need it. At first, it might be too fiction-free kind of feeling. It seems pretty hard to control and make it precise, but learning curve is pretty short, believe me. That’s the reason why I grab VX Revolution, VX nano, and MX Revolution—all of them. You gotta try it to know how it really feels. Hard to explain in words, but very impressive.

Logitech VX Revolution, Microsoft Bluetooth 5000, VX nano, G5, Razer
Logitech VX Revolution, Microsoft Bluetooth 5000, VX nano, G5, Razer
Logitech VX Revolution, Microsoft Bluetooth 5000, VX nano, G5, Razer
Logitech VX Revolution, Microsoft Bluetooth 5000, VX nano, G5, Razer

On the picture above, there are Razer on the left, Logitech G5, VX Revolution, V450 nano, MS bluetooth notebook mouse 5000, and VX nano on the right most. VX nano is considered as pretty small and flat  one.

logitech nano receiver
Logitech VX nano
Logitech VX nano

2* AAA battery is in pretty nice compartment--easy to replace (although we have no reason to open this often) Nano receiver slot is also pretty cool. Just push back in when you don’t need hanging on USB port, that would turn the mouse off automatically and when you want to use it, just press red button, receiver will pop out very nicely. I really like how Logitech care about all this detail.

Logitech VX nano - in hand
Logitech VX nano - in hand
With rubberized grip on both side, it makes VX nano comfortable in hand. Basically it’s just depending on how you hold mouse in hand. If you are a claw gripper, that would not a a problem at all. but with the shape of VX, it’s just not that comfortable with palm gripper kind of guy, including me. It’s up to par in term of comfort though.

The only thing I would love to see improvement of every Logitech mice is ‘click’ noise. It’s not as loud as Creative Fatality’s, but there are still many model that can do better than this, such as Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000. It’s just annoying sometimes, esp. in the night, but its wheel is quiet, unlike other brands. We couldn’t get everything at the same time apparently.


Logitech VX nano  - SetPoint
Logitech VX nano - SetPoint
On its own, 3 extra buttons are backward/forward and search (opening Windows Explorer to search) But with a little help of SetPoint, Logitech Utilities, VX nano will be capable of customizing all buttons and checking battery status. That's what make VX nano a bit more special. You can change a button to serve like another one, keystroke, or even program shortcut.

As usual, by design, nano receiver is meant to stick in USB port all the time (and because of its very small size, it’s harder to pull out USB port :-P). Thus VX nano will have to conserve energy by itself. VX nano will turn to low power mode automatically after not being used for a while, but fortunately you will not feel anything at all. It just lives up immediately after first movement or click, zero lag issue. That’s only reason why Bluetooth mouse ain’t popular perhaps. By the way, Logitech also give power button on the bottom in case you think you won’t use it for very long.

Battery life of VX nano is at least up to what Logitech claimed, I don’t use that often, but my battery since I first bought VX nano last about 8 months or so. I think for heavy use it should live up to 5 months at least without worrying about turn on/off.

Drawback - there are two things I don’t like about VX nano.

  1. First, it’s the thing making me leave VX nano in a dust. It uses middle button as shift scroll mode [hyperfast or normal] Instead of using dedicated button on the bottom like VX nano, Logitech use middle button!! which mean there is no real middle button on VX nano too. That’s really dealbreaker for me, esp. I use middle button a lot—although I don’t use real middle button that much, I do sometimes and that doesn’t make me happy switch scroll mode back and forth again and again.
  2. Next, backward and forward buttons position. Instead of putting on the side for thumb to click, Logitech decides to give all work to index finger only—I just find it’s not that comfortable or intuitive to do so. Even though 2 buttons are nice, pretty easy to press, and quiet, they just don’t do the job for me.

It might be only me though since they all are up to your usage pattern and familiarity.


What mode I can say? Most people would love to have this mouse, but I think there are better one out there, esp. VX revolution. However, VX nano has its own advantage which others in line don’t have—tiny receiver that you can leave in USB port, and small (portable size) shape and easy to have it in the bag. Well, it’s all up what your need most =)


  • 3+ customizable buttons
  • Hyper-fast scrolling wheel
  • 6-month battery life
  • Nano receiver


  • Forward & backward buttons’ placement is not comfortable
  • Sacrificing middle button as a Hyper-fast wheel is not worth
  • ‘click’ ‘click’ noise