This probably was the most innovative tablet PC so far since it was the first time capacitive touch was included. However, Dell's decision that chose ULV CPU instead of more powerful CPU like LV one might be a deal breaker for many people that looked over this machine.

By the way, Dell Latitude XT still has enough potential to be one of very good tablet PC with almost every things you could imagine to have on tablet PC:- good quality build like all Latitude series, multi-touch screen (in Apple's sense, not Lenovo's one), pretty thin chassis. Moreover, on hardware side, besides ultra low voltage, there are plenty of things you could imagine. We'll see how it is later.

You might feel I compare this machine directly with Thinkpad X61T, but I got to say that it really is. Since Thinkpad X61 Tablet is my 1st tablet PC, I just can't avoid doing that indeed. Anyway, I do believe that you will feel and get my idea better this way than just talking what the heck this machine is alone.

Well, as usual, preview of Dell Latitude XT; just enough for calling your attention:-

And some Norwegian guys, PeliasMobile, did a stress test on Dell XT, it's unbelievably incredibly durable. Check this YouTube clip out!

Now you are ready to begin exploring Dell latitude - build & design