V450 packageThis mouse might not give any new or exciting feature, but it could be the one you like to get. With the value & reliability of Logitech could give you enough trust to have this as one choice of budget mice in the market, as you'll see later on.

Opening box

Although it has been packed in a regular package, it's pleasure to see the improvement in this area!

V450 package V450 package

From now on, we don't have to put so much effort tear this down anymore =) and this is what you will get--only missing here in the photo is 2*AA battery.

V450 package

For this mouse, the selling point should be the nano receiver which is exactly the same as you saw with Logitech Vx Nano, only the serial & frequency or channel which are different perhaps--as shown below.

nano receiver: Vx vs V450nano receiver: Vx vs V450

They--Vx Nano on the left & V450 on the right--are almost identical really!


Logitech V450 is just a plain notebook mouse which is around for a while. There is no significant change at all--at least I can't tell.

Vx Nano vs V450 nano Vx Nano vs V450 nano vs G5 V450 nano V450 nano vs Vx Nano

It's pretty close to Vx nano, but a bit taller (or fatter?) The weakest point of nano receiver in my opinion is when you have to pop in and out of the silo in this mouse and from USB port. That's why they recommended to leave this in your USB port at all time.

V450 nano V450 nano V450 nano logitech nano receiver

You have to push the switch on the bottom then you will be able to access the silo. If you have ever use Vx Revolution, you'll know why I don't like this design.


Because there is no any customized button, Logitech SetPoint is useless--truly plug-n-play here. I really disappoint here since I usually assign right scroll as middle button, but I couldn't do that with this mouse since SetPoint doesn't even support it.

left-hand V450 right-hand V450

With ambidextrous design--which I don't really care of, it feels the same on both hand. Rubberized texture on the side give you a comfortable feeling. However, as you see above, notebook mouse is just too short to rest your whole hand on it. I think it's more comfortable than VX Nano, but not even close with VX Revolution. One more thing, it's heavier than any laptop mouse I ever have since it packs with 2 AA battery while VX Nano uses 2 AAA and VX Revolution uses only 1 AA. As a result, Logitech claimed that the battery life is up to a year! I bet it's close since the claimed of 3-month battery life on VX Rev and 6-month on VX Nano are real.

What I don't like on this mouse is the glossy feeling. It just don't feel right to me when click the button--I much prefer the matte finished if possible. Your mileage might differ though.


With the price tag around $30 or $20 AR, it's a good value. It's not easy to find the better mouse at this level. You won't be disappointed unless you are expecting full-feature mouse =)


  • good value
  • nano receiver
  • a year battery life

V450 designed for Dell


  • glossy finished! **
  • it's quite heavy
  • not supported by Logitech SetPoint

(**) I just found that there is matte finish version as well, but it’s exclusive by Dell!