It would not be as cool as much as you expected but all I can say that it will be better by the time. Since I couldn’t and haven’t had enough time to improve my old code, then I choose to return to basic, build up from the scratch again.

Yet, it has and works as I want it to be. If you have any suggestion, don’t hesitate to let me know.

For old articles, I’m in hurry transfering data from the old site; it’s a bit difficult since I was doing really odd stuff at the time. As an alternative, now you could go back to an archive site here. It’s still the same, but perhaps contains some bugs from changing sub-domain. For moved article, you may just hit “Recent posts” at side bar. After completed moving, I will find better way to walk through them, besides “search.” (remember that you need to register & login to be able to use search)

Woo-Hoo I’m so happy that myCapsules is alive again!