I found only a few USB to VGA adapters that has been reviewed really. So when I get one for my aunt. It’s the time to test and show how well it is.

   As you may know, the bandwidth of USB 2.0, theoretically, is 480 Mbps (480,000 kbps) and the for video bandwidth is depending on 3 things which are frames rate, height and width in pixel. For example:

frame/rate resolution motion (kbps)
width height low motion moderate motion high motion
1 1024 768 88 177 354
15     1327 2654 5309
30     2654 5309 10618
45     3982 7963 15927
15 1440 900 2187 4374 8749
30     4379 8749 17498

reference: http://sorenson-usa.com/vbe/index.html

   When you see the video bandwidth and USB 2.0 bandwidth, you might think USB is easily handle the video. However, theory is still theory; and it will never come close to the real world. You will see on the next.

How it works

   You will surprise how easy it is; I have only install the driver on the CD, restart once. Then I hook this adapter up to my tablet. Everything is all set! I test on Lenovo Thinkpad X61T running Vista Business. I don’t think that the test computer configuration is needed here because it will not show any differences since the limit of speed of USB itself will be a real factor.
   Once the device is successfully installed, you are good to go. Just connect to the monitor or projector; it will show up like a charm. I can’t believe how easy it is. It’s like it’s easier than using real VGA port since you have to set or switch the display monitor as well.
   On the taskbar, the Tritton icon will show you plenty of options. You can just tap what you want. That’s easy. I have not much to say because it’s just working as it should. I noticed that on the box, it said that it support up to 1024768 16bit color only. Nonetheless, there is a sticker said, “Now support up to 16001200 Video Playback Wide Screen Resolution, Windows Vista”. You will see if it works as they claimed or not.


   From the quote on the sticker, I surely have to download a new driver to make this show all potential is has.

Driver version
Screen Resolution
Thinkpad X61T1024*768
Niko 19" Widescreen LCD 1440*900

   As people said, pictures show thousands of word. In this case, video will show a lot more than I can say. First test is everyday use, so I will use the USB-VGA (Extened) 1440*900, 32bit mode in this test. What I will do is dragging firefox window to another the extended screen, maximize it, then change to another website. Let’s see how good it is via YouTube.


   As you see, it has a little lag and some strange pixels while moving a window around but it doesn’t mean it bad. It just cannot handle high motion thing, otherwise, it’s pretty good. For the next test I will use the USB-VGA (Mirror) which will display only 1024*768, 32-bit. This is more intense by opening the video clip to see if it can bear this.


   Even though it does lag clearly, it’s good enough for a short clip in presentation. IMO, this is a good alternative so far. However, as its advertise, it supports 16001200 video playback. See how it goes, with USB-VGA (Primary) 1440900, 32-bit mode, video playback.


   That basically doesn’t work at all; only a single frame didn’t even show up. I have tried to reduce to 1440900, 16-bit or lower resolution; but it just doesn’t work. From what I can see, it’s only supported as the spec on the box, 1024768 with video playback. You can use with other jobs, except video playback, though.

Overall - Tritton TRI-UV100 - SEE2 USB 2.0 To VGA/SVGA Adapter

   This surprise me a lot how USB can be this versatile but I won’t say this adapter’s great, but it’s very good alternative for whom you don’t have VGA-output or VGA-output is malfunction. This is quite suitable for presentation rather than any other jobs because it could handle only slow motion picture. In addition, this adapter could use as a third monitor as well; it might come in handy in some ways. In short, if you are looking for easy to use external monitor adapter, don’t look over this product :-P