The consecutive article about disassembling Fujitsu S2110. This time we will go to replace the CPU or completely take apart this laptop; the thing is I got a newer model of turion 64, MT-37--2.0GHz 1MB L2 Cache--to replace the old one, MT-28 which is 1.6GHz 512kB L2 Cache. It's just a bit better in term of performance, its power consumption is about the same--25W--though.

I found that taking all part apart is not that hard. The hardest part is to know how to detach the hinge cover and once you knew; that's it. If not, you'd better read this article first. What you really have to do in this time is to know where all the screws were and put them back in the right place. I scratched the screws position in the paper for you guys already.

What you have to know for this diagram is I classified types of screws by what they look and how long it is. You may see the right figure to know what A), B), etc.. (even though it's not that clear, you will get an idea :-P) Now I use color to make them more distinguishable. I hope it's easier to get.

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1. If you want to completely take apart, my sugguestion is to unscrew all back first. (Don't forget to keep your screws organized)

for the screws that hold the case (B-type/blue), DON’T screw them too tight at all because they will break your case.

For another model, you may find out how at Repair4Laptop