First of all, this program is only one backup program that's really free and its quality is quite good though. NVbackup is made for NVFS device only to fix any problem that occurs when you use old brand program like backing up such a file like shim log or stuff like that. There are features that every backup programs should have such as scheduled backup, full and partial restoration. It has not only ubiquitous features but also brand new feature like FTP backup, that is, backup all data to FTP server automatically. (Actually, kind of this feature first released by BackupBuddy.Net; however, it's not free.) It's such a great idea to do like this. More place you stored your data means more secure you get as well. Is that sound interesting with outstanding freeware from Alexander R. Pruss?

   Main form is common like every backup programs. It has all details you need to know with a help option in case you want more clear description. In previous version, if you have a chance to try, you will find that every time you make a backup you. It forces you to reset your device first; it's not good for Treo line at all but I don't think it makes a different when you use others. However, this version does not required reset device anymore, it is pretty good job.

   By the way, it still has weaknesses like selective restoration and schedule backup. Selective restoration doesn't have comparison between data in backup set and in your device. I think it's a bit tricky for me sometimes when I want to find only particular files.(That's why I still have to use CardBackup) About schedule backup, it offers you only one choice that is daily backup. So maybe it's too less for someone but I'm pretty sure that those folk has more than one backup program, so it's not a big deal, right?

   backup via FTP is really cool feature. Basically, it's an upload/download all of your data to server via FTP. You have to create a new directory in your server to do this. I mean it's not required but it will be easier for you to find and manage your data either.

   I tested on my Sprint treo 650 with 1xRTT network is about 9 mins to upload my whole backup set to server; but only 5 min to download that back to my device. It really help to backup the fresh installation to FTP, so when you face a problem that recent backup set doesn't help, you can download the one that you can be sure that it works anytime anywhere you want.

   Fast operation and interface that shows its progress also cool indeed.
   NVBackup that I tested is version 1.12. I quite impressed with this software, then I use only CardBackup and NVBackup and let RescoBackup away. Maybe someone wonder why I chose to left RBackup behind. One simple answer is hard to use, I found that how to partial restore in RBackup is really confused me, somehow it's not happened to others. So it's your choice.
   Don't forget to try this backup software built particularly for NVFS Device. All I can say is "it's an excellent backup software for NVFS device for now." and "NVFS device owner must have this program".
Reference: download from Palmgear