I heard this program for long time, I think its name is Font4OS5, but I never though to try it. Due to my understading is changeing font like this always has a side effect like slower processing and I don't think Palm Font isn't good either. Perhaps because I didn't use palm as ebook reader or a thing that use a lot of text like that. So I don't have a reason to change old brand font to be more beautiful. But now I use a lot more English than Thai. I have to read and write as much as I can for better English skill. That's why I try and impress this program.

Since I have used this program I found 2 major and 1 minor reasons that are worth to keep it in my palm.
Major reason:-

    # better font, easier to read: it's a simple like why palm had changed low resolution to high resolution screen, although it's not much better in term of more you can read, keep in mind than HiRes is 4 times bigger than old one. (I think HiRes shows text more less than 1.5 times of LowRes does) More resolution is significantly better in term of smoother font, easier to read. Like everyone always choose book that contains bigger, clearer and smoother. If everyone has choices, I can't think of folks who want to buy smaller text and harder to read for sure. Maybe another one reason is capable to handle more beautiful graphic. That's what FontSmoother does a lot better than what Palm OS did.

    #Using palm as multi-language device: I found that FontSmoother comes with font translator that we can change our own favourite font to display in palm. Basicly palm do not support multi-language system like unicode. So, only chance to display font in another language is to substitue other fonts to font that's not be used (Some that used in French, German or whatever. I have no idea how to call it) In this condition, if we can use another font that already replace with alphabet we want. It should work and able to read in any language by changing font in FontSmoother. And it works! I can read Thai on my palm that's not install thai program and doesn't doesn't require resetting device to change font. It's pretty cool. All stuff that require is font that's not unicode based.
    To create your own font easily, there are 2 ways:-

      1. Use font translator that comes with this program: This one uses DOS interface, so it maybe a little bit tricky for folks who start using PC with Windows. Anyway it's not complex, just read the manual or try another way.
      2. Use EasyConvert for FontSmoother and Plucker fonts 1.25: This one is windows interface, so it's pretty easy to do for sure. Here is a link Oops I forget to tell, it's freeware!
    One minor reason is making palm so beautiful. Ha ha, this is just funny reason but sometimes it's the most important to use to buy anything in our life.
       Finally, This program is a hack program, so it requires to install YAHM to make it work. However, it fully support new devices such as garnet devices and it runs very well. No lag found. It's really worth to try. You will find the way palm font better
    Reference: download from Palmgear

    This is Thai font I used: you may grab and try! here

      เป็นฟอนต์ลีลาวดี ครับ ถ้าคิดว่ามีอะไรเหมาะสมกว่านี้ก็แนะนำได้ค้าบ
    • Leelawadee 11pt: normal/bold
    • Leelawadee 12pt
    • Leelawadee 13pt: normal/bold